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Catchment Strategy 2004

Molonglo Catchment Strategy 2015-2030

The Molonglo Catchment Group is pleased to release the Molonglo Catchment Strategy 2015-2030. We commend Mel Hillery for her work in both reviewing the previous Strategy document 2004-2024, and in authoring this well-structured, revised 2015-2030 version.

Quoting existing data we think that the 2015-2030 Strategy document reflects the current operating environment of the catchment, providing us with a clear benchmark, and identifying targets that are defined by both practical substance and scholarly rigor. Acknowledging the value of community science the Strategy uses Waterwatch and Vegwatch programs to measure, monitor and evaluate water and vegetation data; and by maintaining a living document we recognise that as programs, partners or available investments change then those targets will need to be altered to reflect that.

In asking for feedback we would like you to share with us in the spirit of collaboration. As Mel says in the opening pages: “This Strategy is by its nature a document with sweeping scope, and in other places, one which mines down deeply into fine detail.” … let us know where our broad sweep has overlooked important details or where, in chasing down a particular detail, we have missed another important aspect of the bigger picture … again, quoting Mel, “This document represents what the Molonglo Catchment Group has learnt over the past ten years … we certainly don’t expect to stop learning now!”

We intend to enhance the learning process by holding targeted presentations to explain the methodology of the “Resilience” approach used to support the Strategy project. We will be talking to stakeholders at Bush on the Boundary, UMCCC and CLA forums, for instance; and we anticipate using one-on-one presentations to Landcare and Parkcare groups, and regional Councils and Government programs to garner their thoughts.

Download the Molonglo Catchment Strategy 2015-2030 ( 3,194KB)

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