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The Weed Information Pack including the fact sheets is available for downloading.  To download a fact sheet left button click on the hyperlink below and select Save as from the context menu.

To request a hardcopy of the Weed Information Pack, contact the Molonglo Catchment Coordinator.

To open the documents posted below, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have this you can download it for free at the Adobe website. Simply click on the icon below.

Fact Sheet Size
Contents 126 KB
About the Molonglo Catchment 748 KB
Weed Control Methods 512 KB
Control Calendar and Weeds to Watch List 501 KB
Controlling Weeds: our legal responsibility 185KB
Acknowledgements, references and further reading 163 KB
African boxthorn 331 KB
African lovegrass 326 KB
Blackberry 314 KB
Broom spp (Cape / Montpellier & Scotch / English) 276 KB
Burrs (Noogoora & Bathurst) 302 KB
Chilean Needle grass 348 KB
Cootamundra wattle 342 KB
False acacia / black locust 362 KB
Fireweed 364 KB
Gorse 277 KB
Hawthorn 350 KB
Horehound 328 KB
Paterson's curse & viper's bugloss 478 KB
Pine (Monterey / Radiata) 372 KB
Poplars (White & Lombardy) 388 KB
Privet 372 KB
Serrated tussock 330 KB
St John's wort 334 KB
Sweet briar / briar rose 294 KB
Thistles (Scotch , Illyrian & Nodding) 301 KB
Tree of heaven 378 KB
Willows 278 KB
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