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A Resource to Enable Accurate Identification and Effective Control of High Priority Weeds in the Molonglo Catchment and the Southern Tablelands


What is a weed?

Development of the Molonglo Catchment Priority Weeds List

The Molonglo Catchment Priority Weeds List

Essential Contacts

Weed Control Methods

Control Calendar

Weeds to Watch

Controlling weeds: our legal responsibility

Weed Contractors

Weed Fact Sheets

Acknowledgements, References and Further Reading

Tom Baker

Weeds jump borders, over the fence,
Moving on, itís their sixth sense,
Look for climes that suit their needs,
Not shy to mix, with other weeds.

Run with the wind, freeload on socks,
They hitch a lift on animal locks,
Hold on like death, to cars and trucks,
To pave the way for the next influx.

Serrated tussock, Patersonís curse,
The dreaded wort, others yet worse,
Striking terror in farms and towns,
Are there more in the transit lounge?

Puncture our bikes and tender feet,
Crowd our crops, stunt our wheat,
Costs the earth to make them stop,
Pasture, orchard, garden and crop.

Weeds are wont to vastly breed,
So chop and spray before they seed,
Keep your land Ďcleaní and covered,
A healthy land leaves weeds all smothered.

So donít leave land in barer state,
To leave a gap is tempting fate,
Once again weeds come and stay,
Be sure, theyíre not on a holiday.

Chat with friends and keep a keen eye,
Lift your chin, and spirit high,
Help is nigh to beat this thrall,
Makes economic sense after all.

Please be sure to read our packs,
Turn the pages to learn the facts,
Spread the word to others near,
And letís get the weeds right out of here.

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