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Our sincere thanks go to the following people for the provision of the large number of high quality photographs which make this information pack so useful. We would particularly like to thank Jackie Miles and Max Campbell who provided the majority of the photos.

We would also like to thank: Les Tanner (North West Weeds); Lynton Bond; Friends of Aranda Bushland Inc; Michel Dignand and John Gasparotto, (NSW Department of Primary Industries); Eurobodalla Shire Council; Andrew Paget; Adam Muyt; Mark Imhof, Chris Cooper, Mark Gardener and Angela Murphy (Department of Primary Industries Victoria); Shire of Yarra Ranges; Bega Valley Shire Council; Phil Hansen and Jason Robinson (Queanbeyan City Council); Palerang Council; Cooma-Monaro Shire Council; CSIRO; G. Manly (Australian National Botanic Gardens); Croplands Equipment Pty Ltd; Penny Hussey and the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia.


Primary information source

Southern Tablelands and South Coast Noxious Plants Committee online resources. (Sourced between January and November 2007).

Other information sources:

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Further Reading

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