Projects: MCS Phase 3

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Molonglo Catchment Strategy Roll-out 2006-2008 (MCS Phase 3) will focus on continuing implementing actions from the MCS as on-ground activities on rural leases and landholdings in the ACT, and to a much lesser extent, NSW.

The National Landcare Program funding for on-ground works is devolved to member organisations of the Molonglo Catchment Group.  The projects proposed to be funded will complement those being undertaken through the Living Environment programs such as ACT Landkeepers, which seek to address issues of soil erosion and water quality by extending the geographical reach of the programs, and supporting community capacity building actions such as field days and training.  Any projects within NSW will contribute to the Murrumbidgee CMA Catchment Action Plan targets.

 The objectives and methodologies are:

  • Recent studies have indicated the potential viability of innovative techniques for the establishment of perennial pastures with additional benefits including building up organic carbon levels in the soil.  Engage 10 land managers in the establishment and management strategies of native and exotic perennial pastures in marginal high recharge country, by holding pasture management workshops with Landcare groups;
  • Encourage further establishment of perennial pastures by conducting field days at pilot sites;
  • Engage 20 member groups and local government in targeted rehabilitation of 10km of streambank on major rivers by providing devolved funds and holding workshops with Landcare groups with high priority areas funded first;
  • Encourage further rehabilitation work by conducting field days at the targeted sites;
  • Provide 10km of fencing to exclude stock and revegetate 10km of significant riparian areas, by facilitating a coordinated fencing scheme with rural land managers and neighbouring Government land managers and providing a fencing incentive for lessees; it is probable that some stretches will be able to serve as a riparian vegetation seed resource, complementing the Greening Australia Seedbank project under the Living Environment banner; and
  • Promotion of Catchment Group activities through media releases, newsletters, signage and website updates.
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