Projects: MCS Phase 2

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Gathering Place, Carwoola
Little Burra

Molonglo River Restoration 2005-2006 (MCS Phase 2)

The Molonglo Catchment Group teamed up with Greening Australia ACT & SE NSW to implement the Molonglo Catchment Strategy in project which aims to rehabilitate 10 kilometres of riparian area, including rivers, creeks, gullies and other drainage lines. Funding through the Australian Government's National Landcare Program was made available for fencing, stock water, structural erosion control works, tubestock and direct seeding. The application process was simple, and open to both individuals and groups, and landowner contribution negotiable.

High priority areas include the Upper Molonglo and Burra Creek Catchments and medium priority areas include Jerrabomberra Creek and the Upper Queanbeyan catchments.

The project was completed by the end of August 2006 with the following statistics:

  • 24 project sites;
  • 14km of riparian zone protected; and
  • 154Ha of riparian zone protected or revegetated.

Several landowners in the Catchment have committed their time and energy to undertaking restoration works, including the Little Burra Community Association on Jerrabomberra Creek, Rose-Marie Johnson of Gathering Place, Carwoola and Hugh Spencer of Rosewood on Burra Creek.

Hugh Spencer of Rosewood has fenced his section of Burra Creek to exclude stock and, with the assistance of extended family, planted 1,000 tubestock in Spring 2005.

Hugh explains that "during the September to December period the plants grew in spectacular manner, however in January plague proportions of grasshoppers, and repeated 40 degree temperatures had a devastating effect on the plantings. The heat and dryness killed many plants and the subsequent grasshopper attack has denuded a large number of the trees. Autumn may see the plants that have been denuded recover but at this stage it is unknown."

Whilst this has been somewhat disappointing, the overall success of the project has been in bank stabilisation. "Closing off the paddocks has had a spectacular effect on the rejuvenation of the native grasses. We saw fantastic wild flower displays in the Spring. The grasses and ground cover are still there. From an erosion perspective the project is a clear success with a dramatic improvement in the creek banks."

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