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Lake Burley Griffin Willow Management Plan

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In 1997, Environment ACT together with the Willows Working Group of the Environment Advisory Committee and the Willows Working Group of the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee proposed a Willow Management Strategy for the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment.

The purpose of the Strategy was to recommend an appropriate policy for the management of willows in the ACT. The Strategy was based on an assessment of the role of willows in the landscape, the suitability of certain species, and proposed eradication measures where appropriate. It also dealt with the issue of community consultation and outlined principles underpinning future development of specific Management Plans and associated activities.

In late 2004, the Molonglo Catchment Group (MCG) in conjunction with Environment ACT (EACT), Canberra Urban Parks and Places (CUPP), ACT Forests and the National Capital Authority (NCA) began discussions on willow control and management in the Molonglo Catchment within the ACT. The Molonglo Catchment Group successfully negotiated funding from these stakeholders to undertake a willow management plan for Lake Burley Griffin.

The MCG subsequently contracted the task of putting together the Lake Burley Griffin Willow Management Plan (‘the Plan’) with Greening Australia ACT & SE NSW in partnership with River and Rural Management Services.

Management Plan Development

The Plan was developed in 5 phases:

  1. Community consultation – meetings and forums for land managers, stakeholders and the general public.

  2. A desktop review – putting together maps, procuring existing information relevant to the formation of the plan, looking at legal requirements.

  3. Field surveys of willows – on-ground surveying, mapping, identification and management issues. The area was separated into the main body of the Lake and two sections of the Molonglo River.

  4. Production of the draft management plan - collating the results of the first 3 phases.

  5. Communication of draft plan to multiple audiences. Completion of the plan based on feedback from this process.

The MCG is an umbrella group for the many Landcare and other natural resource management groups in the Molonglo catchment. The key function of the MCG is to coordinate NRM (Natural Resource Management) activities in the catchment through the development and implementation of the Molonglo Catchment Strategy. It also provides strategic support to NRM groups to develop projects and receive and administer grants.

Community Consultation

A wide range of individuals and organisations were consulted during the development phase of the Lake Burley Griffin Willow Management Plan. These are listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Consultation for Lake Burley Griffin Willow Management Plan Development

Organisation (in alphabetical order)


Department of Defence, ACT Region

Nicholas Lawler
Lauren Gray

ACT Forests

Rebecca Blundell

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Ben Richards. No jurisdiction over the Lake area.


Advised that they had no real role in the formulation of the Plan.

Australian National University

Beth Mitchell

Australian Water-ski Federation

Noel Dix

Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG)

Julie McGuiness

Canberra Urban Parks and Places (CUPP)

Stephanie Straub
Jane Carder

Commonwealth Dept of Environment and Heritage (DEH)

Peter Hazell

Environment ACT

Kerryn Styles
Geoff Price
Mark Lintermans
Helen McEwan

General Public

2 meetings scheduled but had to be cancelled due to a lack of interest. 8 interested people were contacted personally.

Lake Users Forum

Representation from a large variety of Lake Users (eg. Water-skiers, Water Police, Kayak Groups etc).


Louis and Gina Margules
Ron McKeahnie

National Capital Authority (NCA)

Sri Tharan
Richard Nipperess
Rosalind Ransome

National Coordinator for Willows, DPI Victoria

Sarah Holland-Clift

Pialligo Residents Association

Presentation at Association meeting

Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee

No formal consultation but aware of Plan

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