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Download the Lake Burley Griffin Willow Management Plan

This is a lower resolution version of the Plan; high resolution version is available on a CD by request.  Contact the Molonglo Catchment Coordinator for details.

Download the entire plan including the 27 maps. ( 33,433KB)

Download the plan without maps. ( 5,786KB)

 Download maps (all maps are in PDF files)

Lake Burley Griffin

Molonglo River
(Reach 1)

Molonglo River
(Reach 2)

Noted Species

Map 1 (1,112KB)

Map 8 (1,077KB)


Dominant Species

Map 2 (1,025KB)

Map 3 (1,055KB)

Map 4 (993KB)

Secondary Dominant Species

Map 5 (1,048KB)

Map 6 (1,075KB)

Map 7 (1,013KB)

Predominant Sex of the Dominant Species

Map 9 (997KB)



Density of Willows

Map 10 (1,015KB)

Map 11 (1,045KB)

Map 12 (984KB)

Average Trunk Diameter

Map 13 (994KB)

Map 14 (1,024KB)

Map 15 (963KB)

Average Number of Trunks / Stems per Tree

Map 16 (994KB)

Map 17 (1,024KB)

Map 18 (963KB)

Average Height

Map 19 (990KB)

Map 20 (1,021KB)

Map 21 (959KB)

Depth of Willows to Bank

Map 22 (989KB)

Map 23 (1,020KB)

Map 24 (958KB)

Dispersal Method

Map 25 (1,001KB)

Map 26 (1,032KB)

Map 27 (969KB)

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