Catchment Strategy 2004

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Molonglo Catchment Strategy 2004-2024

The Molonglo Catchment Strategy (MCS) is a 20-year plan for integrated catchment management of the complex 2oo,000 Ha urban, light industrial and rural Molonglo Catchment, which straddles the ACT and NSW border. The timeframe has been chosen to allow the community to focus on its responsibilities to protect the catchment’s land, water and biodiversity assets for the next generation and to align with regional planning frameworks. It represents a major step forward for balanced, cooperative cross border natural resource management in the upper Murrumbidgee catchment.

The MCS is already galvanising the many Landcare groups, agencies, natural resource managers and the general community to work in unison to meet the special challenges of managing natural resources where complex cross border issues prevail. A range of strategic and local projects is now underway.

Building on the valuable work of local communities and Landcare over the last decade, the MCS contains specific, achievable and measurable targets to be achieved in a set period of time, and the management actions required in meeting these targets. Targets and actions are influenced by those set in the Murrumbidgee Catchment Blueprint, Murrumbidgee Catchment Action Plan, the ACT Natural Resource Management Plan and the community’s vision for resource condition in the catchment.

Natural Heritage TrustThe Molonglo Catchment Group thanks all those who provided comment on the MCS and would also acknowledges the assistance provided by the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust.

You may choose to view the MCS live by clicking on the Download button below. Please note that the MCS is a PDF document designed for viewing on the web. Bookmarks have been created for ease of navigation, however they may not be visible once opened. If the Bookmarks tab is not visible showing all headings in the document, click on the 'Bookmark' tab on the left of the page.

Download the Molonglo Catchment Strategy    Molonglo Catchment Strategy ( 1,934KB)

The Catchment Group has also released an Executive Summary of the MCS.  The Brochures are available at various points around the catchment: Queanbeyan City Council Office and Library, Palerang Council's Bungendore Office, Environment ACT and Greening Australia.  An electronic version is available for download.

(Executive Summary 334KB)

The Molonglo Catchment Group looks forward to forging closer working relationships with the catchment community to partner in the implementation of the strategy.  The MCG has provided assistance to the catchment community through the Australian Government's National Landcare Program to support a series of projects managed by Greening Australia to implement the Molonglo Catchment Strategy.

Since 2005, these projects have delivered over $235,000 of on-ground works.

Funding Stage Actual Funds Allocated Landowner Contribution Number of Projects Riparian Area Fenced / Protected Km Revegetation Ha Perennial Pasture Established
1 $101,000 $122,413 27 18.00 159.19 120.80
2 $50,912 $81,335 27 8.13 28.45 93.00
3 $83,644 $126,720 19 8.07 27.58 118.00
Total $235,556 $330,468 73 34.20 215.22 331.80

More information on these projects is available in the Projects section.

MCS Mapping Online

The implementation of the MCS will in part be guided by an array of mapped features on both a catchment and sub-catchment scale. All are available for viewing by clicking on the links below.

Catchment Scale Maps

  Catchment Landuse Total Suspended Sediment Riparian Condition–Biota Index  Riparian Condition–Environment Index Modelled Total Dissolved Nitrogen  Modelled Total Dissolved Phosphorous
Catchment Scale Map 473KB 207KB 177KB 186KB 181KB 181KB

Sub-catchment Scale Maps

Sub-catchment Base Maps Land Management Gully Erosion Streambank Erosion Public Land Management Buffer Erosion Hazard
Burra 678KB 132KB 148KB 142KB 114KB 155KB
Jerrabomberra 887KB 205KB 202KB 184KB   227KB
Lower Queanbeyan 893KB 324KB 293KB 292KB 293KB 323KB
Upper Queanbeyan 562KB 345KB 440KB 328KB 277KB 356KB
Googong 632KB 132KB 109KB 108KB 113KB 121KB
Woolshed 596KB         114KB
Fyshwick 703KB         176KB
Coppins 682KB       102KB 121KB
Weston & Woden 1,229KB          
Lake Burley Griffin 791KB          
Sullivans   913KB       292KB 284KB
Kowen 733KB 148KB 138KB 136KB 117KB 207KB
Upper Molonglo 435KB 162KB 457KB 372KB 314KB 464KB
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