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Environment Meditation and Healing Garden

We, the Canberra Interfaith Forum (CIF), established this Garden in 2011 after four years of effort to:
  • Symbolise our commitment to respect, protect and conserve the natural environment;
  • Provide a venue where we could meet and meditate on and deepen our connection with the environment; and
  • Deepen our harmonious relationships and promote healing and reconciliation with each other (including the Indigenous community).
  • Strengthen mutual bonds and understanding by working together on garden maintenance
  • Provide a facility where visitors to the Hospice and volunteers working there can rest peacefully in nature.

This Garden is located on a one hectare site just east of Clare Holland House in Menindee Drive, Barton, at the eastern extremity of Grevillea Park.

In March 2011, some 250 trees and shrubs – Grevilleas, Bursarias and Correas, were planted in a horse-shoe shaped garden-bed area.

Many hands make light work - Photo by Toshiki Naga
Multifaith planting party March 26 2011

The 12 spiritual traditions comprising CIF are represented by 12 different varieties of Grevillea, forming the inner row of the garden-bed. In the surrounding grassland, outside the horse-shoe, we planted 12 Eucalypts blending with the adjacent wooded savannah.

There is an inner grassland about 40 metres in diameter on which meetings are held periodically, on environmental, spiritual or multicultural issues.

A plaque, listing the 12 spiritual traditions and 8 cooperating organizations, is placed at the upper side of the garden-bed.

The Garden was formally launched by Ms Mary Porter MLA representing the Chief Minister in May 2011.

CIF has organised several gatherings of around 100 people on the garden site, on environmental and peace/ harmony/social justice themes.

It is planned to organise workshops for Youth groups of the various spiritual and multicultural traditions, to help them understand more of the environmental issues, express their views and ideas, and become engaged in maintaining the Garden and other environment-support action and activities.

We are trying to improve the facility by adding two permanent bench-seats and by obtaining 40 additional light-weight chairs to bring on-site when needed.

We hope and expect the site will be used to symbolise and stimulate the awareness and concern of our own faith communities, and of the Canberra multicultural community in general, for environmental issues and sustainable living, as a contribution to the ACT Government’s goals and targets along these lines.

Eastern arm of the planting circle.
200 native shrubs and 12 Eucalyptus trees in all

Looking towards the Hub
Light in full colour - a visit from a rainbow

Trailer, water, fertiliser and tools provider.
Weeks of preparation also by Robert James



See more images of the 26 March 2011 planting day on Picassa

Download brochure ( 398KB)

For more information contact:

Vernon Bailey  (02) 6286 9501 / 0439 814 822

David Jenkins, Communications Secretary, Canberra Interfaith Forum    0424 287 556

ABN 18461008268.


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