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Our Vision for the Catchment

A healthy, diverse and productive environment treasured by the whole Molonglo catchment community.


About the Molonglo Catchment

  Area: 200,000 Ha

  Population (2001):  130,000

  Urban area:  6%

  Forested areas > 50Ha:  36%

  Reserves:  27%

  Native grasslands:  6%

  Major streams:  1,700 km

  Minor streams:  4,350 km


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Listen to RAdio Landcare 2XX FM 98.3 Tuesdays 9-10am; QBN FM 96.7 Sundays 8-9am

2XX FM 98.3 Tuesdays 9 - 10am

QBN FM 96.7 Sundays 8 - 9am


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Are you interested in undertaking a ChemCert training course? If you are, let us know - the Molonglo Catchment Group is considering subsidising training for Landcare Groups and individuals in the Molonglo catchment and, if we get enough interest, organising a course locally.

More information on the  Funding page.

So flows the Molonglo...

... the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology monitoring of river heights and rainfall within the Molonglo catchment.

Take a look at the NSW Water Info website for the latest on what's going down ... or not ... just above the Captains Flat water supply dam.

Is your creek still flowing?  We'd like to know... see the News and Events page

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The Molonglo Catchment Group is a “group of groups” – a non-profit community organisation with membership including Landcare and Parkcare groups, individuals and other organisations concerned about natural resource management in the Molonglo catchment. The operation of the Molonglo Catchment Group and Waterwatch program is assisted by the  Australian Government’s  Caring for our Country and the ACT Government.

Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust   ACT Government

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